Spice up your digital analytical skills for Climate Action and Monitoring

CINAMON ‘Spice up your digital analytical skills for Climate Action and Monitoring’ is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme.

CINAMON will strive to educate, skill up and empower “climate managers” through the acquisition of digital competencies for climate action and communication in the field of mitigation and adaptation; and by building capacity to implement science-based processes - with the help of digital services and tools - to work in their respective work environment or sphere of influence on greenhouse gas reduction and resilience.

"Climate managers" are the target groups of the CINAMON. While their exact job title varies - Sustainability Manager, CSR Manager (corporate social responsibility), ESG Manager (environmental social governance), Climate and Energy Officer - their occupational profile is clear: responsibility for climate action, climate communication and monitoring - in terms of renewable energy produced and greenhouse gas emissions reduced. Climate managers work in municipalities, regional governments, or entities in the private and public sector - they are needed everywhere due to current and upcoming obligations of climate/sustainability reporting requirements in all sectors.

The project will deliver capacity building processes; it will leverage effects of digital services already available, often thanks to European funding (tools to account climate relevant data, calculate greenhouse gas emissions, develop conclusions for climate action measures, identify best practices etc.), as learners will be shown how to use those for their climate monitoring and action work on the educational resource repository established in this project.

Two newly developed e-learning digital courses (on climate action and campaigning and climate impact measurement), a digital Climate Action Repository, Multiplier-Events (in person and online), will be the main project results that will raise digital skills of trainers and learners. CINAMON will underline the importance of online experiences as a source of education in the digital era. Further it will emphasize the importance of intelligent digitalization: all digital "helpers" still need accompanying instructions and educated users to fully exploit the tools and achieve real-world impacts.

The development of the e-learning digital courses on Climate Action and Campaigning and on Climate Impact Measurement as well as the Climate Action Repository will be developed in close cooperation with a group of municipalities that will contribute as associated partners to the contents and test their praxis relevance. CINAMON will consider itself a success if the project succeeds in promoting digital readiness for climate action and campaigning in local public administrations as well as public and private institutions and companies and will raise the skills in data analysis and monitoring. They all are welcome to join the group of associated partners and thus be involved first-hand in the development and trial of the courses and the repository.

Take a look at www.cinamon.org

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